Los campos de concentración de Castro
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Pact of Silence between USA and Cuba

Pact of Silence between USA and Cuba
Roberto Carlos Alvarez-galloso
06 September 2007, Thursday

A pact of silence exists between the governing elites of Cuba and USA. A
law approved by Bush in 2001 allows people to study medicine in Cuba and
practise as if they were US graduates, without examinations and hospital
training, courtesy the pact.

I ONCE TOOK the liberty of calling the office of Congressman Diaz-Balart
(nephew of Fidel Castro and Republican Congressman) to enquire about the
possibility that the Diaz-Balart family has used its influence on the
employment of Alina Fer-nandez-Revuelta (Castro's daughter) as a
volunteer in a Veterans Hospital in Miami, Florida.

The Secretary (at Diaz-Balart's Office) tersely stated: "I am sorry I
cannot reply to that question, goodbye" and hung the phone. This is one
of the examples of the pact of silence obtaining between the governing
elites of Cuba and the USA. Juanita Castro (Raul and Fidel Castro's
sister) called for clemency. In response, the ideal thing would be
reconciliation but both sides would have to admit wrongs and the fact
that there is a possible pact of silence between the Republicans,
Democrats, and Communists in the American Continent.

In 1966, Castro founded a concentration camp called UMAP for those who
were not in agreement with Castro. Catholics, Christians, Hindus,
Buddhists, Muslims, and Rock Musicians (with their supporters) were
placed together in this concentration camp to be "educated on the errors
of their ways". One of the famous victims was Father Jaime Ortega (the
present Cardinal of La Habana).

In 1967, four teenagers between 15 and 17 years of age formed a group
called Los Pacificos (The Pacifics) and did a rock concert in a Havana
neighbourhood. They recorded nine songs in two hours. Their purpose was
to bring peace, love, and harmony. For this, the group was sent to
prison and the youngest member of the group, Carlos Davila, was sent to
die in Angola during the 1970's. Luckily, the tape was rescued and was
released as a CD here in Miami. Unfortunately, the group did not receive
a rescue or a mention, secondary to the pact of silence.

Another artist called Meme Solis (who started his career in the 1950's)
was sentenced to 20 years in anonymity (1969) for his desire to leave
Cuba and for writing "degenerate music". He was set free in 1989 after a
little help from Felipe Gonzalez (Socialist Prime Minister of Spain,

I would also like to expose a law approved by Bush in 2001. This law
allows people to study medicine in Cuba and practise as if they were US
graduates, without examinations and hospital training programmes. This
has been a slap in the face of international medical graduates
(including those born in USA) and US medical graduates who have to take
elaborate medical examinations and undergo medical training. No one
mentions it because of the pact of silence. Independent of the fact
that Castro may have some popularity, I still think that the reason why
Cuba has not moved toward democracy is that in Cuba, the only propaganda
al-lowed has been Castro.

In Miami, Florida, many talked about democracy in Cuba and in reality
have made deals with Castro. Even the US politicians have made deals and
Castro's next door neighbour is a Representative of the US interest
section in Cuba. We should also remember that Washington collaborated
with the Castros in destroying a ship leaving Cuba (1994) and shooting
down a plane (1996). For further information about Cuba, I talked with
an individual who was an employee of the US embassy in Cuba and was
present at the time (1958-959). This has also been corroborated by
declassified documents. Here is the story of this individual:

December 31, 1958

Batista receives a call from the US embassy. Eisenhower sent a message
to Batista via the US embassy that it was time for him to go and that
Castro must be installed. Batista leaves. When news of Batista's
departure spreads through La Habana, the Congress designates a
Provisional President (who according to the 1940 Constitution, is the
President of the Congress). Eisenhower via the US Embassy telephones the
President of Congress that, "Castro and his people must be installed as
Head of Cuba"

January 1, 1959

The Cuban Congress is forced to accept Castro. Batista left for the
Dominican Republic (where, according to declassified documents of the
Trujillo Years in the DR, he was humiliated, briefly imprisoned and then
expelled to Spain). In other conversations, a former Cuban politician
(whom I interviewed on condition of anonymity), stated that in 1957, a
group of Cuban politicians offered Batista a way out via elections.
These politicians presented as their candidate an individual not
affected by the internal conflicts of Cuban politics, called Carlos
Marquez Sterling. (This was the same Carlos Marquez Sterling who
condemned Batista's 1952 coup and predicted that with the coup, Cuba
would go from bad to worse). The response of Batista and Eisenhower to
Sterling was "No".

These stories have also been told as an example of this pact of silence.
It is a story that has been repeating itself in Zimbabwe, Venezuela,
and the USA. The same way that Communism must be phased out in Cuba,
Zimbabwe, and Venezuela, Republicans and Democrats must be phased out by
peaceful means in America.


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