Los campos de concentración de Castro
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Vilma Espín, Homophobe

Editorial: Vilma Espín, Homophobe DDC | Madrid | 16 de Mayo de 2017 – 12:46 CEST. When the first police raids of homosexuals were carried out in revolutionary Cuba, Vilma Espín was already the wife of the head of the armed forces, the sister-in-law of the regime’s top leader, the woman with the highest political […] Continue reading

Castro Regime Censors Blog Calling Raul Castro Responsible For UMAP

Castro Regime Censors Blog Calling Raul Castro Responsible For UMAP* / Diario de Cuba Posted on February 9, 2016 Diario de Cuba, Havana, 9 February 2016 — A blog on sexual diversity, Proyecto Arcoiris (Rainbow Project), housed in the government-run blogging platform Reflections, has been censored by the regime after addressing UMAP and publishing a […] Continue reading

Maria Castro’s Eloquent Silence

Maria Castro’s Eloquent Silence / Cubanet, Tania Diaz Castro Posted on February 22, 2015 Cubanet, Tania Díaz Castro, Havana, February 19, 2015 — Homosexuality has been around longer than humans have been walking upright. But Fidel Casto — working through State Security, an organization he founded and of which he has always been in charge […] Continue reading

A Cuba Crime Report

A Cuba Crime Report April 18, 2014 Irina Echarry HAVANA TIMES — On the last Saturday of March, an official government announcement took the habitual listeners of Havana’s Radio Reloj radio program by surprise. It was a petition by authorities asking the public the help clear up a crime that had taken place in Old […] Continue reading

Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination and Restoring Freedoms

Cuba: Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination and Restoring Freedoms May 20, 2013 Yusimí Rodriguez HAVANA TIMES — Reading Granma’s cultural pages recently, I came across two things that would not have caught my attention had they been published separately. Seeing them in the same news piece, however, made me think my eyes were deceiving me: […] Continue reading

Gay Pride Day in Cuba

Gay Pride Day in Cuba July 2, 2012 Daisy Valera HAVANA TIMES — Havana didn't "enjoy" or "suffer" a conga line parade which the flag of diversity could have waved side by side with that of the July 26 Movement, the Young Communist League and even banners with the faces of the Cuban Five. There […] Continue reading

Cuba: What Do We Mean By Revolution?

Cuba: What Do We Mean By Revolution?April 2, 2012Yusimi Rodriguez HAVANA TIMES, April 2 — The question of what do we really mean by revolution came to me recently while I was reading the official Granma newspaper. It talked about how a group of self-employed workers had reaffirmed their commitment to the "revolution." I don't […] Continue reading

Who Do Cuba’s Authorities Think They’re Kidding?

Who Do Cuba's Authorities Think They're Kidding?December 21, 2011Dariela Aquique HAVANA TIMES, Dec 21 — Any moderately intelligent people would soon figure out they were being duped, especially if the device was so obvious to the point of underestimating the reasoning ability of those being "fooled." The astute tricks being played by the country's authorities […] Continue reading

Cubans stage ‘independent’ Gay Pride march

Posted on Tuesday, 06.28.11Cuba gays Cubans stage 'independent' Gay Pride march Despite gains in recent years, an alternative gay rights group held a small protest in Havana on Tuesday to "demand" respect for the rights of gays.By Juan O. Tamayojtamayo@elnuevoherald.com A small group of "independent" Cuban gays and lesbians strolled down a Havana boulevard Tuesday [...] Continue reading

Cuba new view on gays won’t save it

Posted on Friday, 05.27.11GAYS Cuba new view on gays won't save itBY PEDRO ROIG It's official. More than 300 Cubans, most of them homosexuals, marched recently against homophobia through the streets of Havana. In a 180-degree turn, Castroism abandons the tired anti-gay bigotry. To Che Guevara, champion of "social engineering" and "the New Man" this [...] Continue reading